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Astrologer Shailendra Ji renowned as “Nanheji”, humbly reckons himself to be a serious student of astrology for last three decades though he has been in astrological practice for last twenty five years...Read more..
He has huge collection of astrological books some of which are very rare to get. He religiously devotes minimum three hours every day to self study of this vast subject despite his very busy schedule and heavy workload. His list of regular clients is not limited to geographical boundaries of Dhanbad or Jharkhand but has hundreds of clients spread all across the globeNanheji hails from reputed family of eminent lawyers but his planetary stars took him to the present profession. A commerce graduate, Nanheji left his course in Cost Accountancy in Final Term when he developed interest in Astrology by reading the books of Late Dr. BV Raman and Dr. (Mrs) KN Saraswathy. He has also completed his Masters in Philosophy. He has deep reverence for both the modern stalwarts of Vedic Astrology and considers Dr Saraswathy as his first guide or guru. He is also a graduate of Indian Council of Astrological Sciences.Nanheji is also the Editor and Publisher of Quarterly Magazine named “Fateline” dedicated to Astrology for over 12 years. Besides he has published several articles in leading magazines/newspapers. The dedication of Nanheji towards astrology has brought several awards and accolades from eminent organizations as well as individuals. The deftness of Nanheji in both Parashari as well as KP branches of Vedic astrology helps him make startling predictions about the charts presented before him. His humble persona and helping nature makes the clients feel very comfortable which instantly develops deep rooted bond of trust. Vedic Remedies are the strong forte of Nanheji since he has spent thousands of hours in finding most authentic remedial solutions for planetary afflictions.

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“ ज्योतिषां सूर्यादिग्रहाणां बोधकं शास्त्रम् “

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विवाह के पूर्व वर - कन्या की जन्मपत्रियों को मिलाने का आशय केवल परम्परा का निर्वाह नहीं है, किन्तु भावी दम्पति के स्वभाव, गुण, प्रेम और आचार - व्यवहार के सम्बन्ध में ज्ञात करना है। जब तक समान आचार - व्यवहार वाले वर - कन्या नहीं होते तब तक दाम्पत्य जीवन सुखमय नहीं हो सकता। जन्मपत्रियों की मिलान - पद्धति वर - कन्या के स्वभाव, रूप और गुणों को अभिव्यक्त करती है।

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What People Say

Blogs are the modern day digital casual exchange on general topics. Though these may not be academically structured; yet they often contain significant information on the subject. Blogs here are obviously on the subject of astrology and we welcome these from our valued patrons. The blogs are fondly read by people interested in the subject and can share their views on the topic.

Reasons to depend on Gurumantraa

Well, there are numerous astrologers, palmists, tarot readers etc in every city or town; we do not wish to be judgmental on them. We strive to be your friend, philosopher and guide who is always besides you. We take pride in following the “code of ethics” meant for astrologers in the classical Vedic scriptures.According to the ancient scriptures,” the astrologer should not be selfish, greedy and deceitful. He has to understand that the primary responsibility of every astrologer is to provide the guidance to the client as per planetary dispositions displayed in the charts. 
The objective of every consultation should be to forecast the upcoming significant events, both auspicious and inauspicious, truthfully to the client. The astrologer should recommend suitable remedial measures to alleviate the malefic influences and thus provide relief to the client.”
We religiously adhere to the above philosophy and provide genuine forecast of the planetary combinations that have manifested in the birth chart of the individual. When you choose us for getting your astrological readings, you get 
  • Over two decades of professional experience 
  • Detailed exposition of inherent strengths/ weakness 
  • Advise suitable Gemstone to overcome obstacles 
  • Thorough analysis of the planetary combinations 
  • Genuine predictions based on Dasha /planetary transits 
  • Personal visit for vastu inspection with prior appointment 
  • Recommend and organise proven remedy through Japa/Puja 
  • Maintain strict confidentiality to respect privacy

About Astrology

Astrology is ancient study designed to explain the complex relationship between the macrocosm and microcosm i.e. heavenly planets and individual life. The grammar of astrology is obviously complex and its close interaction with time dimension makes it unique as well as useful for every individual. In Indian lifestyle, astrological lexicon has been prevalent since centuries. Even today, all the important events of life like marriage, start of new business venture, entering new home etc are governed by muhurats or auspicious time mentioned in the panchangas or ephemeris.

Modern lifestyle has brought huge stress in all the spheres of life – family, finances, career, children etc. and there are times when one feels that things are getting out of control for the individual. Astrological counsel from a learned professional can provide effective guidance in overcoming these obstacles and bringing balance to the life. The major advantage of right astrological consultation for the client is to get the analysis of the significant events in life that shall unfold in future and thus prepare oneself in advance for the same. The accurate analysis of the chart shall not only reveal the strengths as well as weaknesses in the native’s chart but shall also give the time line when these events shall unfold

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विवाह के पूर्व वर - कन्या की जन्मपत्रियों को मिलाने का आशय केवल परम्परा का निर्वाह नहीं है, किन्तु भावी दम्पति के स्वभाव, गुण, प्रेम और आचार - व्यवहार के सम्बन्ध में ज्ञात करना है। जब तक समान आचार - व्यवहार वाले वर - कन्या नहीं होते तब तक दाम्पत्य जीवन सुखमय नहीं हो सकता। जन्मपत्रियों की मिलान - पद्धति वर - कन्या के स्वभाव, रूप और गुणों को अभिव्यक्त करती है।


The purpose of astrology is to enable man to lead a long, healthy and happy life. Physical stamina is the indispensable factor for carrying out one's duties and for the acquisitions of knowledge, wealth and happiness.Astrology points out which of the three humours has been dearranged causing the ailment and which of the seven essential ingredients of the body has been strongly affected and this proves of invaluable help in getting the malady properly diagnosed and successfully cured.
Rudra Abhishek ( Namakam-Chakamakam ) is highly effective to alleviate the problems arising from malefic Saturn. (Source: Rudra Adhyayan of Tattiriya Samhita).Hanuman Chalisa recitation is also found to be highly effective in controlling adverse effects of Saturn.“ Mahamrityunjay Japa “ (महामृत्युंजय जप) is highly effective in controlling adverse effects of MARAKESH Dasha ( मारकेश दशा ) and in some serious cases – मृत संजीवनी स्तोत्र is highly effective.


The aim of education can only be to bring out the best in the youngsters, tapping his potential and curbing negative points in him. It must aim at creating a strong moral, spiritual and physical personality with devotion to the pursuit of knowledge.Astrological guidance provides reliable clues to one's line of education consistence with one's flair for a particular branch of study.
Affliction to Mercury, the 4th house and the Lord of that house can cause slackness in education to the native. In such cases, we have found Hayagreeva mantra (हयग्रीव मंत्र) to be very effective.


Wealth and prosperity have much significance in one's life. Wealth has become the goal of human life. Having studied astrology for over 29 years, I have come to the conclusion that it is possible to make a nearly accurate assessment of native's financial status by examining the planetary influences in his horoscope.
In Krishnamurti Paddhati, the Lord of the 11th house is the Lord of the sign falling at the 11th Cusp while a planet occupying the 11th house is it's significator. Use of gems for the lord, sublord and the significator of the 11th house may give material prosperity in life


Of all our enterprises , the most serious one is our marriage. This world itself will be a Heaven or a Hell , depending on one's state of married life.Marriage is a matter of more worth,  Than to be dealt in by attorneyship, For what is wedlock forced but a hell, An age of discord and continual strife ? Whereas the contrary bringeth bliss,And is a pattern of celestial peace.   --  Shakespeare
** Only astrologers can certify this statement as wholly truly, as many married couples individually meet the astrologers, narrate their difficulties and try to find out a solution.In cases of delay in marriage inspire of efforts , we found recitation of 73rd Sarva of Baal Kaand (बाल काण्ड, सर्ग 73) very effective.  For getting a girl married soon, every day recitation of section on Rukmini Kalyan (रुक्मिणी कल्याण) in pootna's Bhagwatam ( भागवत ) is most effective. 

Family Problem

Unhappy domestic life, Separation or Divorce is a painful situation. The Sun, Rahu and Saturn are the planets which are associated with separative tendency. The dispositor of these planets also carries the same effect but to a lesser degree. The 12th house governs separation. The 12th house lord also has a tendency to separation. The 4th house explains home which mainly consists of spouse, marital harmony or disharmony. The 6th house signifies litigation.
Daily recitation of  ' Saptashloki (सप्तश्लोकी), Kavacha (कवचम), Argalastotram (अर्गलास्तोत्रं), Keelaka (कीलकं)' of ShriDurga Saptasati (श्रीदुर्गा सप्तसती) will make life happy.

Suffering (Mental Unhappiness)

Moon - Saturn conjunction is the worst. This is always indicative of sorrow and suffering. The native is likely to meet with failure of plans because of unexpected delays and obstacles. The main point in regard to the Moon is that since it is the ruler of one's emotional set - up and mental leanings, it should be free from any sort of affliction whatsoever.
When due to affliction of Third and Fifth house, the native suffers from mental derangement, employment of Pratyangira Dik (प्रत्यंगिरा)  has given satisfactory relief.In some cases, Vanadurga mantra (वनदुर्गा मंत्र) or the first chapter of Durga Sarasvati (श्रीदुर्गा सप्तशती) has also proven to be effective.


ग्रहों के अनिष्ट प्रभाव को दूर करने के लिए जो रत्न धारण करने की परिपाटी ज्योतिषशास्त्र में प्रचलित है, निरर्थक नहीं है। इसके पीछे भी विज्ञान का रहस्य छिपा है। प्रायः सभी लोग इस बात से परिचित हैं कि सौरमण्डलीय वातावरण का प्रभाव पाषाणों के रंग - रूप , आकार - प्रकार एवम पृथ्वी, जल, अग्नि आदि तत्वों में से किसी तत्त्व की प्रधानता पर पड़ता है।समगुण वाली रश्मियों के ग्रहों से पुष्ट और संचालित व्यक्ति को वैसे ही रश्मियों के वातावरण में उत्पन्न रत्न धारण कराया जाय तो वह उचित परिणाम देता है।
प्रतिकूल प्रभाव के मानव को विपरीत स्वभाव उत्पन्न रत्न धारण करा दिया जाय तो वह उसके लिए विषम हो जाएगा।स्वभाव - अनुरूप रश्मि प्रभाव परीक्षण के पश्चात सात्विक साम्य हो जाने पर रत्न सहज में लाभप्रद हो सकता है।

Financial Stability

The objective of every consultation should be to forecast the upcoming significant events, both auspicious and inauspicious, truthfully to the client. 
We have recommended Sankarshan Bhairav (संकर्षण भैरव) ritual for the natives who were unable to meet both ends and were in financial crisis. This ritual to control afflictions in the 2nd, 6th, 11th & 12th houses has helped numerous natives.Daily recitation of Sri Suktam (श्री सूक्तं) in front of lighted lamp and Goddess Lakshmi has always been fruitful for attaining financial growth.


The joy of parenthood is sought by all, yet it eludes many. Not all do get children. A couple may be childless or it may continually lose progeny through abortions or miscarriages, Timing progeny on running Dashas and Bhuktis followed with remedial measures can prevent many mishaps
In some cases when Rahu was involved; we found that Naag Pratishtha (नाग – प्रतिष्ठा) at renowned Jyotirlingas and Rudrabhishek (रुद्राभिषेक) on Panchami Tithi of Shukla Paksha has the ability to remove the curse and bring addition to the family.In case of afflicted Jupiter and Saturn obstructing the progeny,  108 pradakshina daily to Vata vriksh (वट वृक्ष) for 40 days helped the lady give birth to healthy child.


Astrology was basically enunciated by the ancient Rishis to help promote human welfare. There are some standard combinations  common to most of classical  works that show that a chart holds promise of a house.


वास्तु शास्त्र मूल रूप से सही घर बनाने की एक कला है। इसके द्वारा मनुष्य पंचभूतों और पृथ्वी को चारों ओर से आवृत किये हुए चुम्बकीय क्षेत्रों का अधिकतम लाभ उठा सकता है। इन तत्वों के वैज्ञानिक उपयोग से एक पूर्ण संतुलित वातावरण की रचना होती है। यह पूर्ण संतुलित वातावरण अच्छे स्वास्थ्य , सम्पत्ति तथा संपन्नता की प्राप्ति को सुनिश्चित करता है