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Kundali Matching for Marriage

Timing Marriage-28-12-2021

One of the most commonly encountered problems in astrology is timing marriage. Classical works provide many methods by which marriage can be timed. Applying these different methods to the same chart gives a number of periods when marriage is likely to place. However, astrological analysis can not depart from the structure laid by the times and social conditions around one. Therefore, in trying to fix the time of marriage , the important factor is to look for planetary conditions after the 20th year. Even here, marriage may occur soon after one is about 20 years or it may come about when one is past even 40 years. How do we find out then the most likely time for marriage to take place ?

As always , the chart is first analysed for factors that delay marriage and then by synthesising appropriate Dasha - Bhukti periods as well and the transits of such planets as Mars, Rahu, Jupiter and Saturn , the event can be identified with a fair degree of precision.

R U L E ONE ----

The acquisition of a spouse ( whether it is a chart of a male or a female is not relevant ) occurs in the dasha --

(a) of a planet in the 7th house, or

(b) of a planet aspecting the 7th house or

(c) of a planet owing the 7th house.

When such dasha runs during the marriageable age of a native , then marriage is indicated during this period.

R U L E TWO ----

What happens if the dasha running between 20 and 40 years is of a planet who is neither the 7th lord nor 7th occupant nor aspects the 7th house ?

In such cases, see which of the following paise is stronger.

A --

(a) The Lord of Rashi occupied by the 7th lord.

(b) The Lord of the Navamsha occupied by the 7th lord.

B --

(a) Venus - Shukra

(b) Moon - Chandra

The dasha of such a planet can bring about marriage.

R U L E THREE ----

Apart from these dashas , the dasha and bhukti of the Lord of the sign occupied by the 2nd lord can also produce marriage. The dasha of the planet joining the 7th lord as also if the 9th and 10th lords can also be examined if the dasha under RULE One and RULE Two fail to give results.

The dasha of Kalatrakaraka Venus is , of course, generally capable of conferring marriage on the native.

Once the dasha is decided, the timeframe of possibility of marriage has to be narrowed down. Which Bhukti becomes marriage giving?

The same RULE ONE and RULE TWO apply to the Bhukti also but within the time - range defined by the Dasha - period. There is, however , one more Bhukti apart from these that is effective in giving marriage . A planet in the 7th from the Dasha lord is a strong factor in this aspect.