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Kundali Matching for Marriage

Position of S U N in a Horoscope

Detailed Analysis

Each planet is supposed to be the Karaka or indicator of certain events in life. Thus the Sun is the Karaka of father, body, political power, positions of authority etc.

The Sun represents ego or Atma of Kalapurusha (Zodiacal Man). (कालात्मादिनकृत – Brihat Jataka). It rules the bile (Pitta), heart, brain, head, right eye, bone, spleen etc.; diseases of the alimentary system like stomatitis, dyspepsia or indigestion, appendicitis, diarrhoea, dysentery, anal fissure and fistula, enlarged spleen and diseases of the nervous system like inflammation of the brain, meningitis, headache, Vertigo (giddiness), insomnia (sleeplessness), apoplexy, tetanus, sun-strokes etc, and stands for vitamin A and D whose deficiency may lead to night-blindness, rickets, malformation of bones, etc. At the birth if the Sun has no strength ( The Sun gets debilitated in Libra. In the 10th degree of Libra the Sun is in his extreme depression and most weak. Such a Sun makes the native bereft of fortune and social position, vide - * तुलायाम दशमं भागमात्रिप्त गवि तिष्ठति जातोभिक्षोवजीवी स्यात राजयोगेषु सत्स्वपि स्कन्द होरा; the native will be most unhealthy, inactive, poor and sickly and may not have longevity. When posited in or owning unfavourable houses or associated with or aspected by malefics, the Sun becomes afflicted or ill-dignified and causes disappointment, loss of money, troubles to father or bodily complaints.

Consumption of the lungs will occur when the Sun is afflicted in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces. When in Cancer (owned by the Moon), the Sun indicates that the native will be sickly and unhappy, possessing a service mentality; he may have defective sight too. – शशिग्रहगते बुद्धदाक्षा: पतंगे … - बृहत जातक

A conjunction of the Sun and the Moon (when the Moon approaches the Sun, it becomes weak and a malefic) impairs the health and eyesight of the native; if they exchange their houses (Leo and Cancer respectively) in Rashi or Navamsha; or when both the Sun and the Moon are together in Leo or Cancer, the native may become consumptive or emaciated. When in Virgo, the Sun indicates that the native has an effeminate body, is reserved and wants adulation. When in Capricorn or Aquarius the Sun denotes that the native is unhappy, mean and stubborn. Since both the signs belong to Saturn, the Sun becomes ill-dignified when it is posited in them. The Sun-Mars conjunction vitiated by the association, or the aspect of other malefics makes the native very cruel, unhealthy and miserable. Whenever the Sun is afflicted by Mars owning the 3rd, the 8th or the 12th house a major accident is threatened.

The Sun – Saturn conjunction is the worst. It may cause loss, misery, misunderstanding with father and superiors; ill-fame and set-backs in profession; it may even lead the native to court-arrest or imprisonment. Saturn in the 4th from the Sun denotes great detriment to happiness. Saturn in the 10th from the Sun denotes impediments in occupation. The Sun in the Ascendant (Virgo) and Saturn in the 7th house (Pisces) indicate early death of life. The Sun in the 4th and the Saturn in the 10th house indicate danger from weapons (or surgical instruments); if the Sun occupies the 4th and Mars the 10th house , aspected by the weak Moon , the native is likely to be crucified; if the Sun is in the 4th and Mars is in the 10th house aspected by Saturn, the native is likely to be beaten to death by sticks.

The Sun is in the 6th house aspected by Saturn denotes enteric and bowel disorders. If the Sun and Saturn are together in the 7th house, then the native may not marry at all: if he marries, he may not be able to beget children. For females, if the Sun and Saturn are together in the 8th house it denotes widowhood or barrenness. The Sun-Saturn conjunction in the 10th house associated by malefics may bring ill-fame to the native; he may be in the good books of the bosses. The most important point to note from the foregoing is that whenever the Sun gets weak or afflicted , the general health of the native is prejudicially affected and becomes sickly and inactive.

In the Chart given, the Sun is in the nakshatra of the Moon (Hasta) which is afflicted since it is hemmed between malefic. Further the Sun is in Virgo, approaching it’s debilitation sign.

The Sun who has thus become weak is being aspected by the malefics Mars and Saturn, as a result the native is unhealthy, not active and dignified in appearance , suffers from indigestion and intestinal trouble. * (Note the situation of the Sun in the 6th from the Moon. The 6th house rules the intestinal and digestive organs). He wastes his money for immoral purposes and keeps aloof from company.(* A weak Sun in the 12th house makes the native an abandoned person). He is almost an exile. He underwent an operation for appendicitis in Rahu dasha – antardasha. (The Sun aspected by Mars and Saturn denotes the disease). Here Rahu is being aspected by Saturn. Since the Sun is in conjunction with Jupiter, the operation was however successful but the native suffers from ill-health and indigestion and intestinal trouble .

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