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Kundali Matching for Marriage


Though born in a very poor environment, the native of the chart below always has had, throughout his career, a passion for mathematics. He is a maths professor.

A general analysis of the chart shows the rising sign Libra is airy and it's ruler Venus is also in an airy sign Gemini.

The Ascendant is aspected by three planets -- Moon, Jupiter and Saturn - all three being in fiery Aries. Venus too, as Ascendant lord, receives the aspect of Saturn from a fiery sign. This predominance of airy and fiery signs can show a flair for mathematics, engineering and physics.

However, in this case, the position of Mercury too is such as to give a sharp intellect which is a prerequisite for proficiency in mathematics. Mercury has several plus points.

The position of 10th lord Moon being in fiery Aries and Mercury being in 10th house is a plus point in the chart.

The fact the Ascendant lord Venus occupies the airy Gemini is also responsible for such intellectual orientation.