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Both Kemdruma and Sakata Yogas cause poverty.

The position of planets at the time of birth indicates the future of the native. According to " Bhavartha Ratnakar " , Jupiter, Venus or other planets in the 12th make the person fortunate in respect of the factors ruled by Jupiter, Venus or that planet. " Shubhkartari Yoga " operates with respect to the Moon or the Sun also. Good planets positioned in the 2nd and 12th counted from the Moon or the Sun give very good results. Even malefic Mars and Saturn and afflicted Mercury on either side of the Sun and Moon tend to give wealth. Auspicious planets in the 2nd and 12th of the Moon cause Shubhkartari Yoga. Such a combination gives abundant wealth and enjoyment.

KEMDRUMA is a Yoga for poverty and wretchedness . Of all the Chandradhi Yoga , Kemdruma and Sakata are the worst causing poverty. According to BRIHATA JATAKA with the exception of the Sun , other planets in the 2nd from the Moon and 12th from the Moon, cause SUNAPHA , ANAPHA , DHURUDURA Yogas respectively. If these are not so , many say it KEMADRUMA. This is a Yoga for poverty and wretchedness. Some say these Yogas arise from Kendras and Navamshas, but their doctrine has not been accepted. " The position of the shadowy planets is not taken into account. "

If there is no planet in either side of the Moon, i. e. , the 2nd and 12th houses, then the Yoga is called Kemadruma. If the Kendras from birth and the Moon , planets are found or if the Moon joins with any other planets, there will be no Kemadruma.

When planets are in the 4th from the Moon, it is SUNAPHA Yoga ; when they are in the 10th from the Moon, it is DHURUDHURA Yoga, but when they are not there, there will be KEMADRUMA.

When the Sun is in Lagna or in the 7th without the aspect of Jupiter , it causes KEMADRUMA. Planets having less than four bindus in Ashtakvarga also produce KEMADRUMA. According to shloka 72 , when no planets ( other than the Sun ) are in the 2nd and 12th from the Moon , Kemadruma is caused.

E F F E C T OF K E M A D R U M A ----

"Phaladeepika" says that a person subject to Kemadruma, even if he be born in a royal family, will be poor, distressed and hard-hearted. He will always be in want.

"Parashara Hora" says that the person hit by Kemadruma will not enjoy the company of good wife, loyal children and will be poor.

Varaha Mihira in ' Brihata Jataka ' gives the effect as : The person born in Kemadruma , although he may take his birth in a royal family, he will be dirty, sorrowful, doing work against his caste, poor dependent and roguish.

Prof. B.Suryanarayan Rao in his " Compendium of Astrology " says that " Kemadruma indicates great sorrow, losses, debased nature, dependent character, dirty habits, everlasting poverty and wretchedness. If there are planets with the Moon or in Kendras from him, there will be no Kemadruma according to some writers.

K E M A D R U M A B H A N G A : There is a "Yogabhanga" as per Brihata Jataka, Parashara Hora, Jataka Alankara and Phaladeepika when :

1. The Moon is in a Kendra position and is aspected by a benefic Jupiter. This rule shows that with Gajakesari Yoga , Kemadruma will not operate.

2. If Venus is aspected by Jupiter from a Kendra position, Kemadruma gets cancelled. ( This is one of the exceptions )

3. If there is any planet ( except the Sun ) in any of the Kendra houses from the Moon, there is Yogabhanga.

4. When the Moon is conjoined with any planet and if the 2nd and 12th house of the Moon are vacant , then also there is Yogabhanga.

5. If any of the Kendras from the Ascendant are occupied by planets, there is Yogabhanga.

6. "Shambhuhora" says that if at the time of birth, the Moon has the aspect of all planets there is Kemadruma bhanga.

7. "Saravali" says that there is Kemadruma only when the Moon is not aspected by any planet.

8. When any planet is in conjunction with the Moon or any planet occupies a Kendra from the moon or Lagna.



" Manasagari " says , at birth when all the planets are in the Lagna and the 7th, it causes SAKATA. Even if born in a King's family , if the Yoga is present , he will be poor.

When Jupiter is in the 6th or 8th of the Moon and when Jupiter is not in a Kendra , Sakata Yoga is formed.

The definition given by Dr. B.V. Raman reads " The Moon in the 12th, 6th or 8th from Jupiter gives rise to Sakata Yoga.The results of this Yoga is that even if born in a King's family, the person having Sakata will be poor, and put to much difficulties."

According to Dr. Raman , " the native loses fortune and regains it. He will suffer from poverty, misery and privation and will be stubborn and hated by relations."

Dr. Raman further says : " In a large number of horoscopes examined by me , I have been able to mark that Sakata Yoga has not really made the native poor and wretched but often the degree of poverty and wretchedness has been nominal".

According to Y. Keshava Menon (A.M , June 1983), " Sakata Yoga has played havoc with the fate of several people hitting it, prince and commoners, landlords and labourers, millionairs and minions alike. Birth in privileged families and to wealthy parents has not saved many from the effects of Sakata Yoga".

SAKATA YOGA is said to be n u l l i f i e d or neutralised and an auspicious Yoga known as

Mukta Yoga is generated when (1) the Moon in Sakata is in its own house or (2) in Jupiter's sign. The Yoga becomes defunct when the Moon or Jupiter occupies a Kendra from the Lagna or when Chandradhi Yoga is present.